Canvas is a network of artists and creative professionals.  It provides a platform for cultural impact and creative growth through the production of unconventional exhibitions, the activation of uncommon spaces, and collaboration on artistic and commercial endeavors. 


upcoming events


Curated by Canvas Co-Founder Drmbt, TunnelVision transforms a historic space into a pixelated abyss, bringing Chicago's underground digital media scene to the main stage. Guests can experience and experiment with music, technology, visual art and interactive media-all in the dock of a building that embodies the city's visionary spirit and post-fire innovation.


Curated Performance Stages:
BIT X BITSaskrotchPulsingVenoSci, Floor Baba, and DJ Fetal Position with visuals by CCDM & Since 1902, SeablazeFIRE-TOOLZ, Mukqs, Chandeliers

Visual/Digital Art By:
DrmBtSara GoodmanBrock AlterLiviu PasareSean Zellmer, Christine Janokowicz, David Wallace Haskins, Christopher Andrew (Stop Time Live), Violeta Forest, projected on murals by Barret Brnd and Dwight White

Curated gaming lounge by:
Digital Art Demo Space

Film showcase by:

Pia Cruzalegui of Twisted Oyster Film Festival




Canvas has created and continues to nurture various ongoing art driven event concepts and exhibitions including the following:


Voyager: A Journey to the New Year, is an annual production, in it’s 6th year, that features creative communities, digital/new media installation, tier one musical acts, and a sophisticated audience to create Chicago’s most artistic New Year’s Eve experience.

Sub Chroma is an exhibit focused on the intersection of creative technology, interaction, and immersive environments. The exhibit features interactive installations, curated galleries of physical and digital works, and collaborative live music and new media performances.







The Canvas Space is a studio and small event space located in Wicker Park, Chicago.  The space maintains pleasant blend of DIY aesthetic, professionalism, and openness.  

From the mural courtyard to the installation artwork often found inside the space, the entire facility is built and fueled by artists, and has a long history of hosting creativity driven events.

Inside Canvas has a 2,000 sq ft space that includes a professional sound system, lighting, and 360 degree projection mapping, outside, another 2,000 sq ft of urban courtyard.