Curated by Canvas Co-Founder Drmbt, TunnelVision transforms a historic space into a pixelated abyss, bringing Chicago's underground digital media scene to the main stage. Guests can experience and experiment with music, technology, visual art and interactive media-all in the dock of a building that embodies the city's visionary spirit and post-fire innovation.


Curated Performance Stages:
BIT X BITSaskrotchPulsingVenoSci, Floor Baba, and DJ Fetal Position with visuals by CCDM & Since 1902, SeablazeFIRE-TOOLZ, Mukqs, Chandeliers

Visual/Digital Art By:
DrmBtSara GoodmanBrock AlterLiviu PasareSean Zellmer, Christine Janokowicz, David Wallace Haskins, Christopher Andrew (Stop Time Live), Violeta Forest, projected on murals by Barret Brnd and Dwight White

Curated gaming lounge by:
Digital Art Demo Space

Film showcase by:

Pia Cruzalegui of Twisted Oyster Film Festival